my skills, knowledge & experience

People, Business

Mar 2017

I have 5 years experience leading sales teams, and debt collections teams of 25+ staff at BNZ where I have also lead successful people engagement strategies within the Retail Banking sector. I am also the original Founder and CEO of Prepair NZ and owner of creative consultancy Ivory & Pango.  

Business/Startup, Art & Culture/Design

Mar 2017

I own a creative consultancy called Ivory & Pango. I coach small businesses to bring their brand stories alive through creative work. I design the brand story and work with my team of creatives bring it to life. We have worked with both for profit, and charitable organisations.  


Mar 2017

I founded Prepair NZ, an educational prevention strategy for domestic abuse in Aotearoa. We work with young women to educate them around healthy relationships, firstly with themselves and then with others. A core part of our work is to support young women to identify early signs of abuse, wether witnessed or experienced and to know how to manage them. We deliver our service through workshops and our online community.  

People, Social

Mar 2017

I am an experience public speaker. I have presented in a competitive capacity and at events run by Prepair NZ, Inspiring Stories and More than Rubies conference.  


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