Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQS are a work in progress, please email us if you have questions that aren't answered below.

Why do I need a Best By Peers profile?

90% of new relationships are starting online. If you want to genuinely connect with others, your online profile is a chance to maximize that opportunity. Don't leave it up to Facebook and Google to make your first impression.

Why should I have a Best By Peers profile?

Social technology is an opportunity to be visible 24/7 to someone anywhere in the world. It's an opportunity to share advice, stories and experiences that may help, support or inspire someone to do better.

Who can see my profile?

Your main profile details, identity tags, profile photo and social links are public. You control privacy to fellow members of your phone number and email address.

How can I create a group?

As we're learning what works best, we're only creating groups with selected teams and organisations. You can request a group by emailing us

What is the ‘like me’ indicator?

The ‘like me’ indicator is a rudimentary tool that identifies similarities between you and other people in your group. We want to help break the ice and highlight a potential foundation for connection, cooperation or collaboration. (There’s no ground-breaking science behind it at this time, but it is something that we will continue to improve.)